Westie Dance Festival

This year the West Coast Swing section of Timisoara International Dance Festival – 6th edition is bigger and better! We are ecstatic to announce this year the first edition of Westie Dance Festival!

We bring you top professionals, 10 hours of leveled workshops, 3 hours of inspiring intensives, a fun competition, 3 parties and amazing shows. Dance, learn, compete, get inspired and have fun!

About us

Swingin Steps, represented by Luminita Munteanu and Andrei Bereczki are the main organizers of the Westie Dance Festival.

Lumi and Andrei, have been dancing for 8 years and teaching for 4 years, spreading the love for this form of dance among adults of all ages.

They have been organizing west coast swing events since 2014 with many amazing artists, among which we can find the top champions of this dance throught Europe and USA.