Timisoara Open Championship

TOC is the international competition already at the 7th edition, which was born after a competitive experience started in 2007.

In 2007 in Timisoara no competition was organized. Thus organizing the national competition, the Baroque Cup was a necessity for the sport-cultural life of our city. From the very beginning we have proposed a high standard of organization, from room decoration, to sound, parquet, lights, cash prizes, product awards, cups, medals, world-class dancing shows and many surprise to the spectators.

In 2008 we had the honor to get permission to organize the most important competitions in Romania, the National Championship of Romania 2018. Again in a special designed hall, we had the first big competition in Timisoara, with a jury made up of foreign referees.

The year 2009 came with another organizational premiere for our city, the Romanian Cup at Dance Sports. In this gala of the best Romanian dancers, we had the live orchestra, which gave a bigger elegance to the event.

So, gaining the organizational experience every year and setting higher standards every time, we launched a new challenge, and in 2012 we went into a new organizational phase, that of the WDSF International competitions.

In 2013 Timisoara organized the World Open competition, Timisoara Open Championship. This was the result of a partnership between Timisoara’s dance clubs. At the same time, the European Union Championship 10 dances took place.

The year 2016 brought us another great international honor, the premiere in Timisoara of the European Championship of Dance, Youth, Standard. This event has enjoyed a great international presence, with pairs of dancers from over 30 countries.

The year 2018 is a big one, from 20th-21st October, Timisoara Open Championship, will be at its 7th edition, in the two days of the contest with the two sections WDSF International Latin and WDSF International Standard. And October 20th will be a real celebration of world-class dance at the U21 World Championship Dance Championship.