Miguel Angel Zotto and Daiana Guspero

Miguel Angel Zotto learned Tango from the major tango masters (Rodolfo Dinzel, Antonio Todaro – for Zotto his style is the real tango – Pepito Avellaneda, Juan Carlos Copes e Maria Nieves, Finito Ramon Rivera, Petroleo Virulazo) and he has the merit of having spread it and taught it in almost all the continents. In 1991 he won the “Maria Ruanova Award”, the most important Argentinean Dance prize, granted yearly by “Consejo Argentino de la Danza” (that was the first time this award was granted to the tango!). In 1999 Zotto won the Positano Award, one of the most important dance awards in Italy, and in 2000 he was chosen among the three greatest tango dancers of the century, the only one still on stage and in 2002 he was nominated “Academic” by the Buenos Aires National Tango Academy.

Daiana Guspero is one of the most important and internationally well appreciated professional tango dancers and dance teachers of Argentina. She started dancing tango being very young, along with Argentine folk dances training. Since 2007 she dances in couple with Miguel Angel Zotto. She has an intense activity as first dancer on the shows of Tango x 2 Company, performing at major festivals and international events and teaching tango master classes, seminars, workshops and courses. She is like a poem written by the sensual and delicate flow of her body. She has a unique expressiveness thanks to her great sensitivity and grace that highlights the feminine tango scene, made up of subtle nuances that can express the nostalgic essence of tango feeling. Daiana has as successfully led her elegance, sensuality and passionate expression at the major theatres of Buenos Aires and on the most prestigious stages of Europe, Asia, China and Japan.

Ivan Terrazas and Sara Grdan

Sara and Ivan are bravely and firmly resetting the paradigms of traditional tango, for our modern times. With the precision and tradition of Swiss watch mechanics, combined with the spark and distinctiveness of a fine contemporary innovative design. Their dance is pure joy, their technique is pushed to perfection, their style is simply so authentic, so original.”

As instructors, they have developed a modern systemic approach to teaching traditional tango. Their goal as teachers is to instill strong fundamentals by emphasizing technique, analytical thinking, logic, naturalness and comfort in both the close and open embrace. Ivan and Sara encourage students to look for connection, quality of movement, creative expression and musicality to make their dance uniquely their own.

Murat Elmadaglic and Ilgin Tetickan

Although he is frequently invited to perform and give classes as a maestro at international workshops and festivals in Europe, Murat still manages to successfully run his Tango school from Istanbul. He also became the Turkey Champion in Argentinian Tango of TDSF (Turkish Dance and Sports Federation) in 2009. In his teaching, he believes that there is no such thing as one truth in tango dancing, and sees it as his duty as a teacher to try to find and bring to light each dancer’s own truth. He is highly admired for his sense of music and the dynamic energy he shares both as a dancer and as a teacher, therefore his classes are widely appreciated and very popular.

Together with Ilgın Tetikcan, they form a radiant pair which charms by its invigorating energy, musicality and playfulness. Two spectacular dancers, brought together by their common passion for tango, in order to form a dynamic dancing and teaching couple.