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DJ Klaus EB

Dj Klaus EB

Klaus EB became interested in “spoken music” in the spring of 1995, when he purchased the first Romanian rap records and imported from the only music specialist in the city of Oradea at that time on Independence Street. The following years are for him a period of self-education, and since 2004 he has also been involved in supporting national Hip Hop events and supporting others (articles in 4Elemente, Hip-Hop Hours in FM, cyphere rap in parks).

In 2010, alongside the ETAL 180 and KESHER 121, DJ Klaus EB sets up the GRAFFORMERS band and starts collecting music on vinyl support, and after acquiring the first set of Technics 1210 MK-2 plates to share beats for b-boy battles and jams or to be called various concerts or festivals around the country.

In the last few years, the DJ from Oradea plays in starter party at events such as concerts of CTC , Cedry2k, Haarp Cord, Argatu ‘, Dragon’, Flou Rege, or Chemistry. He shared the stage with one of the best DJs in Romania (K-lu , Sauce, DuBase, Injektah, Marwan, Shiver, Limun, Danaga, Jay Bliss, Coxxo, Adrianho, Reason), in Hungary (Palotai, Zosha, Owiz, Q-Cee), in Austria (Cosmic), in Germany (Mark-Ski , Floskel), the Netherlands (Pythius) or England (Jon Kennedy). And thanks to his musical selection he had the pleasure to delight both the public in Orade and the niche public clubs in Budapest (Müszi), Timisoara (DAOS), Tirgu Mures (ASA) or Cluj-Napoca (Boiler Club, Bánffy Castle, Booha Bar).


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